About Joe Whittle Photography

My name is Joe Whittle, and I am a photographer. I would feel kind of weird writing a "third person biography" here, so I will just introduce myself and my photographic career in a nutshell. (The best photographer/client and photographer/subject relationships start with a personal relationship anyhow.) I have been working as a freelance advertising, editorial, and fine-art photographer since graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography with a Bachelor's in Advertising Photography in 2000. My clients have ranged from local to international; including magazines/publications such as Resorts and Great Hotels Magazine, O Magazine (Oprah At Home), The Guardian, Huffington Post, Outside Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Nature's Best Photography, Yahoo News, 1859-Oregon's Magazine, and many regional publications in the US and internationally; AP newspapers, such as The Oregonian, and The Canadian Press wire; corporate and business clients varying from BASF, Boise Cascade, and Red Cross, to Defenders of Wildlife and Greenpeace (and almost everything in between). Selections from portfolios of my fine-art prints have been displayed in galleries throughout the Western States, as well as the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

On the personal side, I live in the remote Wallowa Valley of Northeastern Oregon; spending time in the wilderness, taking pictures that make me happy, and raising my wonderful daughter, Mia. Occasionally I moonlight as an adventure/wilderness guide; and a seasonal wilderness ranger for the USFS in Oregon's largest wilderness area, the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Irresistable side jobs for a wilderness-loving nature photographer such as myself! I am generally available for travel and local assignments. (Tear sheets, client lists, and professional references provided upon request.) 

For assignments, print sales, and stock photo information, please email photojoe29@gmail.com, or call 541-263-0085.

For a complete list of stock photo subjects, please email with your search parameters, and a list of matching images will be provided. Ninety percent of the images on this site are available for stock usage.